A Loss of Something Ever Felt is one of those rare projects that connects a deeply
personal story with the backdrop of international concern.
A sister goes looking for his drug addicted half-brother in the maze of conflict-torn
Colombia. It’s an emotional journey through dangled family relationships, sibling obligation,
mother’s despair and love mixed in with the turbulent political winds blowing through the
Colombia today.
The film relies heavily on the political atmosphere of Colombia. 50 years of violent armed
conflict has killed over 200,000 people and forced internal displacement of over 5 million.
The conflict has destroyed the country’s social fabric, increased the number of homeless,
destitute and drug addicts, clearly visible on the streets of Bogota where we are looking for
Lauri. The film takes the audience under the dark underbelly of Colombian society where
even locals don’t dare to go. A bomb explosion in the centre of Bogota kills three, a
teachers strike takes over the capital and FARC handing over its weapons are few of the
events shaping the backstory.

A Loss of Something Ever Felt is produced through a collaboration of three countries-
Estonia, Sweden and Colombia.
This project has linked together three filmmakers from three different countries opening a
door for an international exchange, collaboration and worldwide audience. The creative
exchange happens in many levels- the visual language that mixes together still and calm
frames from North Europe with the colours and chaotic scenes of Colombia; the fuse of
quiet forrest sounds with the rhythmic Latin music and street life; and the subject matter
who is lost in-between the two worlds.

Director: Carlos E. Lesmes
Screenwriter: Carlos E. Lesmes
Alasti Kino/Liis Nimik ( http://www.alastikino.ee )
Little Black Fish AB ( http://www.littleblackfish.se )
1st AD/Line producer:
Mauricio Vergara
Aivo Rannik
Giulia Ducci
2nd Camera:
Davood Mousavi
Assistant camera:
José Ricardo Baez
Still Photographer:
Davood Mousavi
Sound Recording:
Davood Mousavi
Mauricio Vergara
Ann Reimann
Daniel Ochoa
Sound Design:
Ann Reimann